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19-09-2024 - Career Day

Career Day 2024 is taking shape. Here you can follow along and read about the many opportunities available to you as a student or recent graduate in the food and agriculture industry, as you meet with many relevant companies.

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Presentation of France´s food agriculture industry by the Trade Council Paris

Presentation of France´s food agriculture industry by the Trade Council Paris Join this meeting to get insights in your possibilities for exports and collaboration in France. The study will be presented by Entry Market Advisor Quentin Barbeau from the Danish Ambassy in France.

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04-06-2024 - Morning Masterclass: Four Deep Dives into the future of plant production

This Morning Masterclass is about the future of plant production with 4 exciting presentations. Save the date: 4th June from 07.00-09.00. We start with breakfast snacks at 7.00.

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02-05-2024 Food, Trends & Sustainability 2024

Compass Group, SEGES Innovation, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark and Agro Food Park invite you to Food, Trends & Sustainability 2024. A day that offers interesting workshops, talks, presentations and a food market - all with a focus on the sustainable development of the agricultural and food industry and food trends.

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05-04-2024 - HAYSTACK invites you to a housewarming

Join us for a housewarming on Friday, April 5, 2024 from 13:00 - 15:00. We're celebrating the rebranding of our incubation environment and at the same time offering an even stronger value proposition for startups.

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02-28-2024 - Morning Masterclass: Next Gen Protein for Feed & Food

2024: Introducing Morning Masterclasses in Agro Food Park: This first Morning Masterclass is about Next Generation Protein for Feed & Food with have 4 exciting presentations. Save the date: 28 February from 07.00-09.00. We start with breakfast snacks at 7.00.

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26-09-2023 - Food & Bio Global Summit at Aarhus City Hall

Join Food & Bio Global Summit 2023. The event is organized by Food & Bio Cluster Denmark in a partnership with the World’s leading food & bio clusters.

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21-09-2023 - Career Day 2023

Read everything about Career Day 2023 right here! - Learn about your opportunities for a future in one of Denmark's most fascinating and internationally oriented businesses.

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12-09-2023 - Food, Trends & Sustainability

Agro Food Park, Compass Group, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark and SEGES Innovation invite you to an exciting day with a Food Market, Workshops, Talks and much more. All based on sustainability and the latest food trends.

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Friday Bar at Nature Energy

Cozy times, a beer and some delicious snacks. Bring your colleagues and say hello to all of your neighbours in Agro Food Park.

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Foedevareteknologi Og Applikation

19-06-2023 - Posters Bachelor of Science in Food Technology and Application

We are pleased to announce that 21 dedicated students from the program "Bachelor of Science in Food Technology and Application" at Business Academy Aarhus will visit us at Agro Food Park 15 on June 19. These ambitious students are eager to share their final projects from their 2nd and 4th semester.

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14-06-2023 - Food Innovation Tour in Agro Food Park

Last time was a success, so we are back with another special tour of Agro Food Park, this time focusing on food innovation.

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07-06-2023 - Ptiches of MSc these from students at Department of Food Science

Meet 15 students from AU FOOD presenting their MSc theses, spanning very diverse subjects like fat in cultured meat, infant formulars compared with human milk and bioactivity of polyphenols during simulated digestion etc.

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22-05-2023 - Drop-in meeting: 3D-printing of food

Center Manager, Anne Louise Dannesboe Nielsen, from Danish Technological Institute will give a super interesting presentation of 3D-printing of food.

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26-04-2023 - Drop-in møde: Hanne Harbo "Food Trends 2023"

Strategic Foodplanner Hanne talks about the new book "FOOD TRENDS 2023"

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16-03-2023 - Spring Bingo in Agro Food Park

Spring Bingo is back in Agro Food Park. Click here to participate!

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14-03-2023 - Special Tour: Meet AgroTech companies in Agro Food Park

In 2023 we launch several initiatives to boost the insight to the many super interesting companies and institutions here in Agro Food Park - starting with a special AgTech tour.

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21-03-2023 - Drop-in meeting: Taste challenges in the Global Diet Transformation

Transformation into Naturals, Better Nutrition and the Plant Based revolution are all linked to continuously bigger challenges to ensure new food is Tasting Great, with a high consumer acceptance on sensory.

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01-03-2023 - Drop-in meeting: Biodegradable coating for cardboard/paper food packaging

At the drop-in meeting the "Seapack" Team, from the Department of Food Science at Aarhus University, will present their innovative coating made from wasted crab shells, including a detailed explanation of production costs, market opportunities and potential applications.

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21-02-2023 - Drop-in meeting: Arla Foods Ingredients, protein market trends

Barbara Jensen will talk about the protein market trend with focus on the dairy industry. She will focus on Arla Foods Ingredients’ high quality protein portfolio, new developments and how AFI supports its customers’ product development to match the market needs and even develop real innovations.

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09-11-2022 - Drop-in meeting: Cell-based protein-alternative

Concepts and solutions in relation to future milk production are being debated, including production of milk components in cells. At the drop-in meeting researchers from Aarhus University will present current research topics – excretion of milk components from cultivated cow cells and precision fermentation in microorganisms.

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23-08-2022 - Drop-in meeting - The worlds bread basket is on fire

Ukraine is known as the World´s Bread Basket, exporting 10% of all wheat in the world. At this drop-in meeting, we focus on this problem.

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15-09-2022 - Food, Trends & Sustainability 2022

Du er hermed inviteret til en spændende dag med madmarked, workshops og indlæg - alt sammen med udgangspunkt i bæredygtighed og de nyeste fødevaretrends. Klik her for at finde den fulde beskrivelse af dagen, det fulde program og link til tilmelding.

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21-09-2022 - Career Day 2022

Join Career Day 2022 in Agro Food Park and explore your future opportunities for a job in one of Denmarks most exciting and internationally oriented businesses; food and agriculture.

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01-07-2022 - Drop-in meeting: Poultry Expertise Centre

You can meet Poultry Expertise Centre when they visit Agro Food Park on July 1st from 11.00-14.00. Poultry Expertise Centre will be ready for a 1:1 metting with your company, if you are looking for a knowledge partner in the poultry industry.

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16-06-2022 - Præsentation af afgangsprojekter – Professionsbachelorer i fødevareteknologi og applikation

Come and meet ten exciting, graduated students from food technology and application, Business Academy Aarhus, when they present their final projects.

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15-11-2022 - Agro Food Park 26 skal indvies!

Agro Food Park 26 er endelig åben, og det skal fejres. Vi invitere til en hyggelig formiddag med den officielle åbning. Hør taler og gå på opdagelse i bygningen.

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20-04-2022 - Drop-in meeting about plant-based substitutes for dairy, meat and seafood Park

ISI Food Protection were the hosts of this meeting, giving an informative presentation on their work with plant-based substitutes.

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06-04-2022 - The plant-based industry, Naturli' Foods and Do Not! Call me M_lk

CEO Henrik Lund from Naturli´ Foods A/S made a presentation about the plant industry, the development in Naturli’ Food A/S, including their latest drink” Do Not! call me M_ilk”.

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02-11-2021 - Drop-in meeting November 2nd

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09-12-2021 - Drop-in December 9th

AFP Flyover

02-11-2021 - Drop-in meeting: Cellular food Tuesday November 2nd from 15.00-16.00


08-12-2020 - Israel Foodtech - Alternative Proteins

In collaboration between Agro Food Park, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark and Business Region Aarhus, The Embassy of Israel Trade Mission, invites you to join our online event on Israeli Alternative Proteins.

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03-12-2020 - ReThink Eating 2020

This is not a traditional conference. We want to invite people from different backgrounds and disciplines to come together and brainstorm the future of eating. Due to the recent COVID crisis, it has been made clearer than before that we need to rethink not just what we eat, but also how we eat, and who we can share a meal with.

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21-10-2020 - Top Conference 2020

On October 21st, 2020 Agro Food Park invites you to join the top conference “The Future of Food Production – Food Supply and Food Demand in the 2020s”.

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