Plant-based substitutes for dairy, meat and seafood - ISI Food Protection

On Wednesday April 20th from 15.00-16.00 in Agro Food Park a meeting about Plant-based substitutes were held på ISI Food Protection. The presenters were Directing manager Dieter Elsser-Gravesen, Project Manager Lisbeth Smith and Project Manager Dragana Stanojevic.

At the meeting ISI talked about that currently, plant-based substitutes are, for several reasons, quite trendy. These substitutes should mimic the animal-based products by the visual appearance, by texture, and taste. But in many cases, the composition of their microflora differs clearly from the microbial landscape in the mimicked animal-based food products. Consequently, the microbial risks as well as the causes of microbial spoilage are often fundamentally different.

This requires that the assessment of food safety and shelf-life must be approached in a different way, and if necessary, plant-based specific solutions to protect these substitute products must be developed. One of the most promising strategies to ensure food safety and shelf-life is the use of food-grade microorganisms that are especially adapted to plant-based substitute products. Such bacteria cultures have the potential as biopreservatives, and furthermore, can also be of use to improve taste and texture of such substitutes or even increase their nutritional value.

It was an interesting afternoon, with some exciting presentations and discussions.

Skrevet 21. April 2022 kl. 11.00 af Mathias Bruun

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This is a video where Dieter, Lisbeth and Dragana from the Drop-In meeting tells about the work that ISI Food Protection is doing with plant-based products. It was a teaser to the meeting.