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Food & Bio Global Summit September 26-27 in the city hall of Aarhus.


Food & Bio Global Summit 2023 is organized by Food & Bio Cluster Denmark in a partnership with the World’s leading food & bio clusters. It takes place September 26-27 in the beautiful city hall of Aarhus. The Global Summit aims to address the challenges and solutions for the development of more sustainable and healthy food systems. The Global Summit will bring together leading clusters and stakeholders from around the world, including companies, universities, and other relevant entities, to discuss and interact on this important topic. You can read much more, and sign-up for, the Summit hereFood & Bio Global Summit 2023 - Home (foodbioglobal.com). Agro Food Park is a proud sponsoring partner of the Global Summit. If you also are interested in becoming a sponsoring partner or have any questions related to the Global Summit pls. contact Susanne Baden Jørgensen from Food & Bio Cluster Denmark – sbj@foodbiocluster.dk