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Welcome to
Agro Food Park!

An industry-specific ecosystem for agricultural and food businesses.

More than 80 companies and a total of 1,200 employees are part of Agro Food Park. We accommodate both small start-ups and large domiciles and house everything from classic office facilities and innovative entrepreneurial environments to laboratories and test fields, which are used every day to develop the food products of the future.

Agro Food Park hosts large conferences, professional meetings, social activities and much more - both for the companies and their employees. It is professional collaboration, networks and social activities that unite the companies in Agro Food Park and ensure continuous knowledge sharing across the board.

In other words: Agro Food Park is the place to be if you are part of the agricultural and food industry.

Read more about Agro Food Park here, or find out more about your options for a future with us here.


Agro Food Park is building a new multi-user house, ”No. 3”

We offer leases from 45 m2 to companies in the agriculture and food industry.



Green power

In Agro Food Park we work towards a CO2 reduction and wish to create more sustainable buildings.

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Food And Bio Cluster Denmark

Food & Bio Cluster Denmark is formed

Four cluster organisations become one with Food & Bio Cluster Denmark.

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The method behind the Incubator

In the Incubator, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark is working to create the best possible environment for start-ups - and it is working!

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Tracezilla's growth journey

A lot can happen in one year. Just ask the start-up company Tracilla!

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På Afstand

The future of food science

How do you do food science in Aarhus University's Department of Food Science, AU FOOD?

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Facade 1

From Foulum to the Silicon Valey of food

Aarhus University Department of Food Science, AU-FOOD, is now part of Agro Food Park.

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Facade 2

Multi sensory research in food innovation

New research facilities in Aarhus University Department of Food Science, AU FOOD, allow a multidisciplinary approach to food research.

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Ten years with Agro Food Park

A lot can happen in 10 years. Join the journey that Agro Food Park has been on!

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Upcoming events

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Drop-in December 9th

AFP Flyover

Drop-in møde 2. november

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