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Welcome to
Agro Food Park!

An industry-specific ecosystem for agricultural and food businesses.

More than 85 companies and a total of 1,300 employees are part of Agro Food Park. We accommodate both small start-ups and large domiciles and house everything from classic office facilities and innovative entrepreneurial environments to laboratories and test fields, which are used every day to develop the food products of the future.

Agro Food Park hosts large conferences, professional meetings, social activities and much more - both for the companies and their employees. It is professional collaboration, networks and social activities that unite the companies in Agro Food Park and ensure continuous knowledge sharing across the board.

In other words: Agro Food Park is the place to be if you are part of the agricultural and food industry.

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Events in Agro Food Park

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04-09-2024 Morning Masterclass: Four Deep Dives into public Health - food - Health Economics

This Morning Masterclass deals with current issues around food and health. Mark your calendar for 4 September from 7:00-9:00. We start with breakfast at 7.00am.

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19-09-2024 - Career Day

Career Day 2024 is taking shape. Here you can follow along and read about the many opportunities available to you as a student or recent graduate in the food and agriculture industry, as you meet with many relevant companies.

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News in Agro Food Park

Results - Agro Food Park survey 2022

In February 2023, Agro Food Park made a comeback with our annual survey of satisfaction and the development of companies in Agro Food Park in 2022. As of February 2023, there are approx. 100 different companies in Agro Food Park. In the survey, we have asked 92 managers and representatives from the companies and received responses from a total of 52 respondents. We have collected all the answers that could be relevant or interesting for employees, managers and guests in Agro Food Park.

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The canteen in Agro Food Park 26 – Proud owner of the organic cuisine label in silver

Last week, the canteen in Agro Food Park 26 was awarded the organic cuisine label in silver. On this occasion, the canteen in collaboration with Økologisk Landsforening, which also has an office in the same building, had planned a small celebration. A very nice, very large and very organic carrot cake was baked for the occasion. Read the whole story here.

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Agro Food Park now has two canteens and a café – But what is the difference between them?

In October last year (2022) we could reveal and open our newest eating concept in Agro Food Park. A café with everything that a normal café has to offer, while still being able to offer a lunch similar to the other two canteens in Agro Food Park. Learn about the differences in this video.

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35th anniversary - The canteen in Agro Food Park 15 in the old days

You can sometimes forget that Agro Food Park has not always been Agro Food Park. Among other things, the building we today call Agro Food Park 15 existed long before Agro Food Park was founded in 2009. Just like the canteen in Agro Food Park 15, where Lone works, and Lone has actually been part of the canteen since it's very beginning. Last Thursday the 1st of December, Lone could celebrate her 35th anniversary. Congratulations on Lone! In honor of that we had a chat with Lone about the canteen and her work.

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We are now the official owners of Agro Food Park 26!

Wednesday the 22nd of juny we took ownership of Agro Food Park 26, after KPC made the last finishing touches. We celebrated that with champagne and cakes.

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Drop-in meeting about the words most remarkable substance - Water

Water is the world’s most marvellous substance. It forms the foundation for our existence as biological beings and possesses a wide range of unique qualities. On June the 8th Professor Dr. Scient. Søren Rud Keiding gave a fascinating insight into why water’s boiling point and heat capacity are so unusually high, and why it is cold at the top, also in a glass of water and fifty other cases where water behaves differently than all other known substances.

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How is it going with Agro Food Park 26?

An update on the newest building in Agro Food Park. Watch a video with Glenn from Arkitema explains the architects vision for the new building. See the development of the construction all the way from when we started in january 2021.

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There is a little extra buzz in Agro Food Park this summer

Not a lot of people knows, but Agro Food Park actually has it's own beehive right outside Agro Food Park 15, which is sponsored by Agro Food Park and Food Job Nordic.

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Stop Food Waste Day in Agro Food Park

Read about the initiatives Food&Co and Compass Group who runs the canteen in Agro Food Park, takes to lower food waste.

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Top Israeli Foodtech companies and the Israeli Foodtech ecosystem visited Agro Food Park

An amazing day with interesting presentations, panel debates and 1:1 business meetings, to strengthen the relation between Israeli and Danish Foodtech.

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You can get a haircut in Agro Food Park

One of our many services that we provide in Agro Food Park, is to get your hair cut while you are at work. In this video you can meet the Trine Pape, the owner of Frisør Pape the hairsalon at Agro Food Park 15.

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Young entrepreneurs in Agro Food Park wants to take over the canned cocktail world

“It started with Alex calling me to tell me about the idea. First, I was a little skeptical, but after tasting a similar product, a cocktail on a bottle, but without sparkles, we decided that we could do better!”

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Green power

In Agro Food Park we work towards a CO2 reduction and wish to create more sustainable buildings.

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You can safely visit Agro Food Park

In Agro Food Park we follow the authorities' guidelines in relation to COVID-19, so you can feel safe when you visit us.

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New branding video

Food And Bio Cluster Denmark

Food & Bio Cluster Denmark is formed

Four cluster organisations become one with Food & Bio Cluster Denmark.

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Tracezilla's growth journey

A lot can happen in one year. Just ask the start-up company Tracilla!

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The method behind the Incubator

In the Incubator, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark is working to create the best possible environment for start-ups - and it is working!

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From Foulum to the Silicon Valey of food

Aarhus University Department of Food Science, AU-FOOD, is now part of Agro Food Park.

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På Afstand

The future of food science

How do you do food science in Aarhus University's Department of Food Science, AU FOOD?

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Multi sensory research in food innovation

New research facilities in Aarhus University Department of Food Science, AU FOOD, allow a multidisciplinary approach to food research.

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Ten years with Agro Food Park

A lot can happen in 10 years. Join the journey that Agro Food Park has been on!

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