We are pleased to announce that 21 dedicated students from the program "Bachelor of Science in Food Technology and Application" at Business Academy Aarhus will visit us at Agro Food Park 15 on June 19. These ambitious students are eager to share their final projects from their 2nd and 4th semester.

In the canteen of Agro Food Park 15, there will be 7 different groups, each with their own poster. These students have dedicated time and energy to tackle real-life issues in the food industry. Some of the problems have even been posed by companies here in the Agro Food Park.

Stop by during your lunch break between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm to talk directly to these talented students and gain insight into their exciting projects. They will be on hand to answer questions and provide further details about their work.

Here is an overview of the seven groups' projects:

- Sensory and chemical quality of blanched shell-on prawns (Royal Greenland)
- Stability of natural colorant at different temperatures, light and pH (Danish Technological Institute)
- Stability and development of cheese wax at different storage temperatures (Procudan)
- Mapping and description of functional properties of starch and protein enriched pea flour fractions (Research and Development, EAAA)
- Can sugar kelp extend the shelf life of rye bread?
- Characterization of citrus fiber and development of an egg-free béarnaise sauce based on citrus fiber (CP Kelco)
- Development of a fermented hybrid yogurt based on milk and plant ingredients (Planet Dairy)

We look forward to welcoming the students and learning more about their innovative ideas and solutions. Mark your calendars and look forward to being inspired by the future of food technology!