What is Agro Food Park?

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An industry-specific ecosystem for agricultural and food businesses

We have a total of 1,200 employees from 80 companies. The employees ensure that a broad and deep professional knowledge is present, and the industry specialisation guarantees that the companies in Agro Food Park are mutually relevant as network and collaboration partners for each other. The short distance between the companies ensures collaboration opportunities and common innovative power within walking distance.

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Our m3 concept 

It is professional collaboration, networking and social activities that bind the companies in Agro Food Park together and ensure continuous knowledge sharing. Agro Food Park hosts both larger open conferences, smaller professional meetings, team training and much more - for the companies as well as their employees. More so, every year we receive several national and international delegations and visitors who further expand the companies' networks.

Together we call the activities our “m3 ”.

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Vision and development plan

Agro Food Park was founded with a mission to connect competencies in the agricultural and food industry and to help ensure the development of sustainable products for future generations.

Agro Food Park is established on the grounds of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council in Aarhus N, where the vision is to create the leading innovation and growth environment for food and a comprehensive and overall development plan for the area to create fantastic conditions and opportunities for any company present.

Watch Agro Food Park from the skies and get a feel of the different buildings and the scale of the place.

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