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Agro Food Park is...

The Mission of Agro Food Park:

Mission: To connect competencies in the agricultural and food industry.

In Agro Food Park, we create and support a network that connects
competencies across the entire agricultural and food industry, both in
and outside Agro Food Park. We are stronger together, that's why it's Agro
The Food Park network's and team's most distinguished task to connect
competencies, so that we can work together to solve the problems of the future.

Small talk in front of the coffee machine, participation in network activities,
collaboration and knowledge sharing across organizations, everything counts.
We fulfill the mission by showing interest and curiosity towards our neighbors
and the world around us.

The vision of Agro Food Park:

Vision: To create the leading innovation environment for agriculture and
food companies in Europe.

We want to create an environment where development and implementation
of new ideas, to help and support the entire development of the industry is
the main goal. In 2050, the industry has an ambition to become CO2 neutral.
That will only happen if we work together.

Agro Food Park's industry specialization means that an environment is
created where all companies are relevant business partners. A strong
network is created, which is supported by a unique concept where
companies focus is on running their own businesses and strengthening
the network.

Agro Food Park is a mix of domiciles and multi-user houses

Click on these pictures to download detailed presentation material for the three multi-user houses in Agro Food Park. The material is in danish.