You can safely visit
Agro Food Park

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We are doing everything in our power to make you feel safe as a guest in Agro Food Park in this COVID-19 situation.

In Agro Food Park we follow the authorities' guidelines in relation to COVID-19, so you can feel safe when you visit us.

You can expect that:

  • Catering is served portioned.
  • Hand disinfection is available in all meeting rooms, at the coffee stations etc. and we keep a distance to each other in the common areas.
  • We clean the meeting rooms and the common areas daily.

We stay at home if we have symptoms of illness and would rather take
a test too much than too little. We therefore expect that you only attend meetings and events in Agro Food Park if you are feeling healthy and that you let us know if you are tested positive with COVID-19 after a visit to Agro Food Park.

Are you hosting a meeting or an event in Agro Food Park, please sent out this piece of information to all of your guests on forehand. The information is both in Danish and English.