Stop Food Waste Day in Agro Food Park

Last Wednesday the world celebrated the annual Stop Food Waste Day, and in Agro Food Park our canteen, run by Food&Co and Compass Group Danmark, marked the day by putting a little extra emphasis on what they do to lower the food waste in Agro Food Park.

The Head Chef of the canteen in Agro Food Park Helle Lund Buus, explains the initiatives they took on Wednesday to lower food waste that day.

"We have made ryebread snack, which is made from ryebread crusts. We have a pineapple purée, made out of pineapple sticks. And then we have a classic, which is trøfler."

But Helle explains, these initiatives would probably have been initiated regardless of Stop Food Waste Day or not. To lower food waste is a policy ingrained in the kitchen’s methodology, and they think about it in every step of the way. From when they purchase ingredients from the farmers and until the food becomes leftovers.

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