Become a part of the future at Agro Food Park

Agro Food Park is Denmark’s largest industry specialised environment for companies and knowledge institutions within the agricultural and food industry – and your company can become part of it.

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Buy a plot of land and build a domicile

As a landowner in Agro Food Park you become part of a special brand that works towards becoming the leading innovation and growth environment for food in the world. This is where the future products are created in a valuable collaboration between companies, research and educational institutions.

Today Arla has built their Innovation Centre, Viking Denmark has built their head office and Aarhus University has built their Department of Food Science, AU FOOD in Agro Food Park.

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Located in one of Aarhus’ most popular business areas

Skejby in the northern part of Aarhus – right by the motorway and six kilometers from Aarhus city centre. Agro Food Park is located just in the corner between the E45 and Djursland motorway. Agro Food Park is a part of Business Park Skejby which, with 20,000 knowledge workplaces, is a business area in strong growth. Together with Aarhus city centre the area is the most popular business area in the city. The proximity to Aarhus provides an opportunity to attract a highly qualified workforce from the massive talent pool that springs from higher education every year.

Applications for a domicile in Agro Food Park

The area houses many different types of companies but common to them is their affiliation with the agricultural and food industry. This affiliation is a requirement for the future landowners in Agro Food Park and regulated in the municipal plan for the area.

The buildings in Agro Food Park can accommodate the following functions:

  • R&D and innovation
  • HQ functions, consultancy, services
  • Lab, production of prototypes, small production and processing facilities and demonstration.
  • Researcher and conference accommodation, dormitory for students and course facilities etc.

Available building plots

On the map overview above you can see the vacant building plots in the current district plan for Agro Food Park.

Building plot 4: building in 3-4 floors and up to 14,000 floor meters

Building plot 5: building in 3-4 floors and up to 9,000 floor meters

Building plot 6: building in 1-3 floors and up to 4,500 floor meters

See the district plan for the area.

We are currently working on a new district plan that contains more building plots, so get in touch for further information and dialogue.