Agro Food Park now has two canteens and a café – But what is the difference between them?

In October last year (2022) we could reveal and open our newest eating concept in Agro Food Park. A café with everything that a normal café has to offer, while still being able to offer a lunch similar to the other two canteens in Agro Food Park. You can read more about the opening and reveal in this article.

However, with two canteens and a café who all offer lunch and other amenities that might seem very similar, we have decided to create this video, to highlight the differences in the three eating concepts. Because as Claus Nisted from Compass Group states in the video: “We have created this café to give the eating guests in Agro Food Park, yet another option to eat varied”.

Throughout the video you get to see some of the faces that you might run into at the three eating spots. We have Helle Buus who tells us about the canteen in Agro Food Park 15, Anette Larsen who tells us about the canteen in Agro Food Park 26 and of course Operations manager at Compass Group, Claus Nisted, who tells us about the newest of the three: the café in Agro Food Park 13.

As we state in the video: everyone is welcome to eat at all three places, that is completely up to your own liking. All three places are open for lunch, but while the canteens only have a self-service breakfast, some drinks and cakes throughout the day, the café is open every day with manned service from 8 to 16 Monday to Thursday and 8 to 15.30 on Friday.

Watch the video below here!

IMG 8769