Rent an office with your established business

Agro Food Park houses more than 80 companies, all of which specialise in the agricultural and food industry.


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What you get from having an address in Agro Food Park

Agro Food Park is the perfect address for innovative small and medium-sized companies in the agricultural and food industry. Agro Food Park contains more than 25,000 m2 of flexible buildings that oblige the companies’ individual needs – even if there is need to reallocate the size of the tenancy.

Agro Food Park offers an environment where companies have the best conditions for focusing on their core business and development while we run the office. We ensure that there is access to good common facilities as well as professional, social and networking activities.

The rental buildings in Agro Food Park contain attractive common facilities such as print rooms, toilets, wardrobes, meeting rooms, seating areas and coffee stations. The common areas are also where you will meet other tenants and guests and where the networking unfolds.

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Services you get access to

Our reception handles the welcoming of guests, post and telephone exchange while we maintain and operate the buildings and offer the IT solutions you need. The canteen provides catering for both employees and guests, take-away and kiosk goods, and you have meeting rooms, conference facilities, a restaurant and a hotel close by. More so, there are good free parking options close to all buildings in Agro Food Park.

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Agro Food Park also offers many services and competencies within recruitment, accounting, communication, law and much more – so you always have the right advisor nearby and can solve challenges quickly and efficiently.


Service and facility

At Agro Food Park you have reception, meeting rooms and cosy lounge areas and much more available as a tenant.

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Professional input

Experts and companies that you can seek sparring and advice from or have professional discussions with, are close by. We also often host professional events. 

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With more than 80 companies and 1,200 employees, it goes without saying that there are unique networking opportunities here.

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Canteen and catering

Food & Co. runs Agro Food Park’s two canteens which always offer delicious and healthy meals. Additionally, you can also order meeting catering via the canteens, so you and your guests can have an extra good meeting.

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Sports and social activities

Agro Food Park offers both weekly training sessions with CrossFit and yoga, but also larger events such as sports day, bingo, wine tastings, lectures and much more.

Example of leases

Your company is with guarantee unique and requires your very own office setup. Therefore, we will not come up with three locked types of office leases that you can chose from. Through dialogue we find the best solution for you and your company, so you get the best possible environment to run your business in.

Still, it can be helpful to see some examples of the office leases that exist out here. Here you can see examples of leases, that can give you a visual of your options in Agro Food Park. 


If you want to hear more about your options for renting an office at Agro Food Park, you are always welcome to contact director Anne-Marie Hansen.