Clever charging point

Agro Food Park offers 6 Clever chargers for your electric car. There are 2 chargers placed at the large parking space between no. 13 and Horisont Hotel Conference centre and 4 chargers placed outside no. 15 on the gravel parking along the western end of the building. The chargers in no. 15 are "fast chargers" and has therefore a limit of four hour parking in the four parking bays. The chargers fits all electric cars and plug-in-hybrid cars. You need a Clever charging key to use the charger – see more below.

Being a tenant in Agro Food Park you get a special price – see more at: clever.dk/cleverkey

When ordering the key, the following must be filled in:
Company: Agro Food Park
Adress: Agro Food Park 13, 8200 Aarhus N
CVR-nr.: 25 52 95 29
Who should be billed for consumption on Clever Key? Please write your own name, address and phone number.
Number of charging pads: Choose how many charging keys you want to order.
Press "send" 

For unlimited charging at a fixed monthly rate (flat-rate), see more at: clever.dk/all-in-one

Most car brands come with a Clever charging solution – ask your car dealer or see more at: clever.dk/unlimited

Order your Clever charging key
Via Clever’s website www.clever.dk (if you do not have it already)

Clever will invoice you on a monthly basis.

Should you face problems with your charging please contact our customer service, open around the clock, at +45 8230 3030 or by e-mail to kundeservice@clever.dk.

We draw your attention to the fact that Agro Food Park ​cannot ​be held responsible for the agreement with Clever. The agreement with the external supplier is made by yourself. Agro Food Park acts only as the provider of the contact.

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