Trafik og parkering


Parking rules - Read them thoroughly:

From Friday 1st July 2022, new parking rules was established in Agro Food Park. These apply to all side roads, shared parking spaces and parking spaces belonging to the buildings 13, 15, and 26. Parking at Horisont Hotel & Conference Center, Arla Innovation Centre, Aarhus University Department of Food Science and VikingDanmark are not included in this control. Furthermore, it is important to emphasize that these parking spaces are still reserved for the users of these buildings.


EMPLOYEES on normal parking spots:
In normal parking spots you must simply park your car within the marked lines of a parking booth. Be aware that they are not marked with the sign "gæst" or other signs. If these rules are not complied with, there is a risk of a daily parking fee of DKK 795.-

These rules are the same as the ones you will meet at other regulated parking areas. As long as you have parked your car straight and correctly in a standard parking space – within the marked lines – you do not have to do anything else. Please note, that in some car parks the lines are marked by painted stripes and in some they are marked by a different colour pavement (e.g. on the large car park between Agro Food Park 13 and Horisont Hotel & Conference Center)

On the map you can see below, the guest parking spots and bus parking spot has been indicated. Normal parking spots is all the spots which are not marked on the map, or marked with any signs in parking lot itself.


Oversigtskort Over Agro Food Park

Guests in Agro Food Park who have parked their car at a guest parking space, must register their car electronically on the stand in one of the receptions, which will give temporary digital parking permit for a guest parking space. If these rules are not complied with, there is a risk of a daily parking fee of DKK 795.-

On the map underneath here, the guest parking areas have been indicated. There include the first two lines of parking spots to the right of the main entrance of Agro Food Park 15, together with all parking spots behind Agro Food Park 26. The electric car charging spaces behind Agro Food Park 26 are both for guests and employees!

If you as a guest park at a normal parking spot, the same rules counts as for employees.


At the electric car charging spaces and other parking spaces with limited parking (e.g. the unloading zones in the goods delivery), you must use your parking disc in the future. If these rules are not complied with, there is a risk of a daily parking fee of DKK 795.-. From the 1st of July there is a 3 hours time limit for parking at a electric car charger. This also counts for the electric car chargeing sparces at Horisont Hotel og Konference Center.

Primo juni 2022 er der gentoptegnet striber som var blevet slidte flere steder, samt monteret de mange lovpligtige skilte begynde. Parkeringskontrollen udføres og administreres af Parkeringskompagniet ApS (CVR: 37127485).

At the beginning of June we have re-established the stripes that were worn out, and all the signs have been places. The parking control is done and administrated by Parkeringskompagniet ApS (CVR: 37127485).

Remeber to pass on the information to your guests!

If you have questions regarding parking, you are always welcome to contact us at info@agrofoodpark.dk

For bigger event in Agro Food Park, we advice the event planners, to pass on this information to all participants beforehand. This can be done by sending them a link to this web page.