Do you want to be a company at Career Day 2023 in Agro Food Park?

A Career Day is nothing without students, but it's also nothing without the companies.


Here you will find all the reasons why you as a company should join Career Day

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Meet 500-600 students.

About 75% of the students are danish and 25% of the students are international. Some of the studies that will be represented are: Food Technology and Application, Chemistry and Food Tech Engineer, Molecular Nutrition and Food Technology, Agro Business Manager, Machinist, Process Technology, Agricultural Technology, Nutrition and Health, Education in Sales Marketing Communication or IT.

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Design your own area...

...with beach flags, roll-ups, tables, merchandise, tastings, presentations, equipment or whatever you want to bring. As long as you can fit it all into the designated areas between 6-15 m\2. We will be open to questions about the areas, and we would like to help you with your ideas, as well as we can.

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Be the host of your own acitivty.

We will give you the opportunity to be the host of your own talk, presentation, Q&A, workshop or other activity. This is a unique opportunity to promote your company. We will gladly have a chat with you about your ideas. Be fast, not everyone can host an activity!

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We supply food and something to drink...

...for all participating employees. This includes coffee, soft drinks, lunch and if you stay till the end, there will be a light meal and beers to everyone. Also the students.

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Network with the other participating companies.

Now that you are there, you can also grab the opportunity to network with the employees at the other companies participating at Career Day. Chances are you all work with the same things, and it might be nice to share some knowledge, and have a great time together.

Do you have more questions about Career Day or are you interested in joining? - Please contact Søren Madsen

Do you have more questions about Project & Career Space or are you interested in joining? - Please contact Johanne Birn