What is Career Space?

Career Space is a physical environment located at Agro Food Park 13, where students with education or interest in food and agriculture can work on projects and theses, gain inspiration for career opportunities, participate in professional and social events, and network across educational disciplines and the Agro Food Park community.

As a company associated with the agricultural and food industries, there is an opportunity to become a partner in Career Space.

Partnership provides access to exclusive benefits that can help strengthen visibility and awareness among students, as well as the opportunity to present your company through presentations and company visits. Partnership is therefore a unique opportunity to position yourselves as an attractive workplace.

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Partnership includes access to:

  • Visibility to and access to students through presentations and company visits
  • Free participation in Career Day
  • Opportunity to have postings about internships, assignments, and projects shared
  • Opportunity for 1:1 meetings with students/recent graduates
  • Exposure: Partner signage in Career Space and promotion of logo on website and presentation slides.

Career Space is open Monday to Thursday from 7:50 AM to 4:00 PM and Friday from 7:50 AM to 3:00 PM and is managed by Space Manager Johanne Birn, who can be contacted at jobi@agrofoodpark.dk.