What is Career Space?

Career Space is for students in food science, food tech, agriculture and everything in between who need a space to work on their thesis or projects.

Career Space is part of Agro Food Park 26 and is run by Space Manager Johanne Birn and is open Monday – Thursday at 7.50-16.00 and Friday at 7.50-15.00.

In addition to a nice study space, good coffee and a wonderful view, you also get the opportunity to participate in breakfast with other students and get close to the companies in Agro Food Park during company visits, company presentations and many other exciting activities.

Join the Facebook group for Career Space and get invitations for breakfast, company visits, company presentations and much more. 

Click here for practical information about the use of Career Space.

Mick Ilsøe, student at VIA, talks about his experiences in Career Space

Nadia Rahbek, student at Aarhus University, talks about her experiences in Career Space

What can you as a student use Career Space for?

You can...

  • Work on projects for partner companies

  • Get inspiration about career opportunities

  • Participate in business and social events

  • Network with other students and companies

  • Get free coffee

  • Use all the eateries in Agro Food Park

  • Train your job application skills

  • Be closer to companies that works in your field of study

  • Participate in fieldtrips and company visits

Prepare for contact with companies with 4 simple steps

Click here to see them

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If you have any questions or would like to become part of Career Space, contact Space Manager Johanne Birn