Practical information about the use of Project & Career Space



You find Project & Career Space in Agro Food Park 26 located at the left corner on the ground floor.

There is free access to Project & Career Space Monday-Thursday at 7.50 – 16.00. Fridays 7.50 – 15.00. At other times an access card is required to enter both the building and the premises. 


All common rooms in the rest of the house can also be used, just as you can freely use the coffee machine and the refrigerator in the foyer.

If you need a projector, ask Johanne Birn to either book a meeting room or a portable projector to use in Project & Career Space.

Food can be bought in one of Agro Food Park's three canteens in nos. 13, 15 and 26 respectively. The canteens have different offerings and slightly different prices.

News and information

Join the Facebook group for Project & Career Space to get news about activities and events. E.g breakfast every other week where you can meet other students or the guided tours visiting companies in Agro Food Park. Use this link to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/480281904031518 or write an email to Space Manager Johanne Birn.

If you want to receive the weekly newsletter about Agro Food Park in general write an email to Space Manager Johanne Birn.

On this website you can also find a calendar, which includes dates for events and activites, together with the information about when Johanne Birn is present in Project & Career Space. Click here to see the calendar.