Velopak bike delivery services

Same day: Pick-up and delivery, same day from 66 DKK.
Next day: Pick-up today and delivery tomorrow from 56 DKK.
Ekspres: Pick-up within 60 minutes and direct delivery from 116 DKK.

If you have regular frequent trips, Velopak are happy to make you an offer at an attractive price, e.g.:
Mail or parcels to or from post office or post office box
Delivery of documents, parcels, gift baskets flowers etc.
Tests or samples from clinics or labs
Lunch / shopping

We also offer:
Distribution of mail or magazines
Cargo up to 200 kilos
Fast delivery between Aarhus and Copenhagen in cooperation with Nordic Sea Planes and By-Expressen in Copenhagen.

Why use Velopak?
Security: Velopak offers e-mail with signatures by delivery
Speed: The response time is shorter and Velopak can comply with strict deadlines
Reliability: We travel through city easily and never have problems finding a place to park
Sustainability: Velopak doesn’t pollute the air

Electronic monthly invoices.
On the invoice you will be able to see how much CO2 you’ve saved by using a bike delivery rather than a car.

For booking: +45 61 72 16 96 or by e-mail