Have your certificates of origin issued at Danish Agriculture & Food Council

Danish Agriculture & Food Councils Certificate Service helps both members and non-members with certificates of origin and other export documents according to the instructions of the legislation.

What is a certificate of origin?
If goods are to be exported to countries outside the EU, the sender is often required to have a certificate of origin. This certificate must document the origin of the goods and must also contain all the necessary information.

On Danish Agriculture & Food Councils website you can read about the types of goods that require a certificate of origin and how to order a certificate of origin at Danish Agriculture & Food Council.

We issue both semi-digital and fully digital certificates as needed. Via our online system, you have the opportunity to have your certificate of origin stamped and signed digitally. Once the certificate and endorsements are approved on the portal, they can be sent directly to the recipient. It is both fast and secure.

We always offer personal service when you write to certifikatservice@lf.dk.

Do not hesitate to contact Mette Steiness mest@lf.dk or call 2667 0301.

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