Clever charging point

Agro Food Park offers Clever chargers for your electric car. The chargers fits all electric cars and plug-in-hybrid cars. You need a Clever charging key to use the charger – see more below.

Being a tenant in Agro Food Park you get a special price – see more at:

When ordering the key, the following must be filled in:
Company: Agro Food Park
Adress: Agro Food Park 13, 8200 Aarhus N
CVR-nr.: 25 52 95 29
Who should be billed for consumption on Clever Key? Please write your own name, address and phone number.
Number of charging pads: Choose how many charging keys you want to order.
Press "send" 

Most car brands come with a Clever charging solution – ask your car dealer or see more at:

Order your Clever charging key
Via Clever’s website (if you do not have it already)

Don't have a supscription?

If you don't have a supscription with Clever, you can download the Clever app. Then create a user profile by using your email adress. In the app you can scan the charge point ID and start paying for charge.

Click here to see the guide how to use the app. Note that this is in Danish.

Clever will invoice you on a monthly basis.

It is important to make yourself familiar with the parking rules and regulations in Agro Food Park before you start to charge your car. You can read all about parking by clicking here.

Should you face problems with your charging please contact our customer service, open around the clock, at +45 8230 3030 or by e-mail to

We draw your attention to the fact that Agro Food Park ​cannot ​be held responsible for the agreement with Clever. The agreement with the external supplier is made by yourself. Agro Food Park acts only as the provider of the contact.