Public transport to Agro Food Park

The tram (Letbanen) goes past Agro Food Park multiple times per hour. You can get off at the station called "Humlehuse" and then there is a 15 minutes walk for to get here.

We have made a small guide to help you:

1. Check the time table
To get to Agro Food Park by tram, you need to take the
tram towards ”Lisbjergskolen” and/or ”Lystrup”. The tram
follows this route approx. 4 times per hour. Check out the
timetable at midttrafik.dk/english. Be aware that you
have to buy your ticket before you enter the tram!

2. Get on the train
Exit the tram at the station Humlehuse
- and NOT Gl. Skejby (Agro Food Park) as the tram tells you.
The journey will take approx. 20 minutes from Aarhus Central Station.

3. Walk along the small road of Humlehusevej
Take a left and walk along the road for about 500
metres. When you have passed a creek on your left
side, you will see a path next to it.

4. Follow the path
The 250 metre long path will lead you to Agro
Food Parks parking lot close to Agro Food Park
no. 13. Call us at +45 8740 6640 if in doubt!

5. Use the main entrance in no. 13
Continue straight ahead across the parking lot (be
aware of traffic) until you reach a small tiled path. This
will lead you to the main entrance of Agro Food Park
no. 13, where our receptionist from 08.00 to 16.00 each
working day (Fridays to 15.30) can help you further.
If we happen to not be there when you arrive
pleace call +45 8740 6640.

The route from Humlehuse to Agro Food Park

Vejledning Humlehuse Til AFP (Engelsk)