Fire and evacuation instructions

Extract from the Fire Technology Institute’s operational and maintenance plan, 9.1, Fire and evacuation instructions:

In case of fire or explosion in number 13 & 26

In case of fire, the fire department is automatically alerted. When a fire is detected, alarm pressure is activated, which is located at the outputs.

This only applies to number 13 & 26, as there is no fire alarm system in number 15. In number 15, call 1-1-2 in case of a fire.

When a fire is detected these points must be followed:

  • Save people who are in danger and warn others, that may be in danger.
  • Ensure that all persons are safe or secure.
  • If possible, extinguish the fire with the buildings fire extinguishing equipment.
  • Close windows and doors, if considered safe.
  • Wait for the fire department to arrive at the assembly site on the opposite side of the road at number 13 and 15 (see sign) and inform them on what has happened.

In case of accident (acute illness and personal injury etc.)

Alarm: Call 1-1-2

Please provide the following to the fire central:

  • What happened
  • How many injured
  • Location
  • Ambulance must drive to the main entrance in No. 13 or 15.
  • I am calling from tel.: no _________ and my name is______________
  • If possible, send a person out to receive the fire department / ambulance.

Fire and evacuation instructions Agro Food Park no. 13

Fire and evacuation instructions Agro Food Park no. 15

Fire and evacuation instructions Agro Food Park no. 26