Rent a desk as a start-up

In Agro Food Park's "Incubator" you get the best conditions for developing your start-up.

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Who can move in?

The Incubator is for those of you, who have recently started a business – or those who have a business idea ready to be realized. If your entrepreneurial dream is within the agricultural or food industry, the Incubator is just the right place for you!


By renting a desk in the Incubator, you first and foremost become part of an industry specific community.

Food & Bio Cluster Denmark operates the Incubator. The advisers from Food & Bio Cluster Denmark are always ready to help, whether it is business development, financial planning or guidance in soft funding – and you also get access to investors and a large B2B network. It is important for the consultants that the starting point is always your exact situation so that you receive guidance that covers your specific needs.

You can read more about Food & Bio Cluster Denmark's advisory strategy here

In addition, you will be able to share knowledge with your co-entrepreneurs who are also renting a desk. There are many entrepreneurial companies affiliated with the Incubator - and even more affiliated with Agro Food Park. This means that your network will no doubt grow from Day One.

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A normal networking day in the Incubator 

You turn up for work

... and in two minutes you have already met and said good morning to five people. At the coffee machine you get yourself a cup of coffee and talk to another tenant from the Incubator. 

The chat drags out

...but now the world situation is under control. You open the computer and prepare for a good hour of concentrated work.

Tuesday Talk in the Incubator

Today, a new tenant presents himself and has brought home-baked buns with him. After the presentation you greet in person and you agree to have lunch together.

Lunch in the canteen

...along with the new tenant and a few others from the Incubator. Todays menu is baked root vegetables with cottage cheese and braised pork.

You have invited a guest

... and you are having a meeting in one of the available meeting rooms. The guest is shown around, and you introduce him to other tenants who you think might be of interest to your guest. They exchange contact information.

The workday is ending

The sun is shining, and the nearby fields are painted red, yellow and white by meadow flowers. You pack your bag and hop on the bike. On the ride home you digest the day and let your mind run. You see a buzzard and a hare on one of the meadows you pass, and you feel recharged with new energy when you open the front door of your home half an hour later.


You can either rent an assigned desk or a "flexible" desk in the Incubator.

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A "flexible" desk: DKK 1,000 per month excl. VAT

The lease includes a desk and a chair in an open space. You do not have an assigned desk, but take which ever one is free and leave it cleared when you go home. 

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An assigned desk: DKK 2,000 per month excl. VAT

The lease includes an assigned desk, chair and a small space for storage next to your desk. The desk is located in an open space office inside the Incubator area.  

Services included

As part of the rent you have the right to use quiet rooms and meeting rooms in the Incubator environment. Booking of the other meeting rooms in Agro Food Park 13 and 15 is subject to a fee.
In general, for all leases, you have the right to use the property’s parking area, wireless network, canteen and other services.

Furthermore, as a desk tenant you can look forward to these benefits. 


Service and facility

At Agro Food Park you have reception, meeting rooms and cosy lounge areas and much more available as a tenant.

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Professional input

Experts and companies that you can seek sparring and advice from or have professional discussions with, are close by. We also often host professional events.

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With more than 80 companies and 1,200 employees, it goes without saying that there are unique networking opportunities here.

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Canteen and catering

Food & Co. runs Agro Food Park’s two canteens which always offer delicious and healthy meals. Additionally, you can also order meeting catering via the canteens, so you and your guests can have an extra good meeting.

Udendørs Træning M. Køer

Sports and social activities

Agro Food Park offers both weekly training sessions with CrossFit and yoga, but also larger events such as sports day, bingo, wine tastings, lectures and much more.


Contact director Anne-Marie Hansen for a non-committal talk.