New multi-user house in 
Agro Food Park 

Move in with your network - become part of Agro Food Park's new multi-user house

Agro Food Park offers leases from 45 m2 to companies in the agriculture and food industry in a new 8000 m2 efficient and modern office building. The tenancies can be divided according to the companies’ wishes.


The most recent and third multi-user house in Agro Food Park is an efficient, quality building located high on the terrain with a beautiful view over the Lisbjerg and Skejby area, and with a central location close to Agro Food Park’s other two multi-user houses.


The purpose of the building’s architecture and layout is to create the optimal frame for both individual leases and attractive shared areas where network can be cultivated. Here, your company, your network and your employees will thrive and develop.

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Tag along while Glenn Elmbæk from Arkitema goes through the vision for Agro Food Park 26

Agro Food Park 26 development from drone perspective

Billede 1 Treeren Plaza Revision 01
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Agro Food Park offers an environment where you get the best setting to focus on your core business and development while we run the building. We ensure that there is access to high quality shared facilities as well as professional, social and network-creating activities that bind the companies in Agro Food Park together and contribute to continuous knowledge sharing and collaboration across the board.

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Agro Food Park contributes to your employer branding and offers the service and facilities that your employees require. Overall, companies get more value from their space per square meter, when they are located in Agro Food Park. Read more about our service concept here.

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If your company moves into Agro Food Park you will have access to the shared facilities in all three houses, and access to 1,200 parking spaces. The shared facilities include: three canteens, more than 20 meeting rooms in different sizes (6-100 people), silent rooms and lounge areas as well as conference facilities.

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The new multi-user house will provide a good and healthy indoor environment and at the same time a limited environmental footprint. The house will be certified for DGNB Gold.

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Agro Food Park is Denmark’s largest and strongest, industry-specific establishment within the agriculture and food industry, housing a total of 80 companies and approx. 1,200 employees. After several years of full occupancy, it is now possible to become part of Agro Food Park as a tenant in a multi-user house with networking and knowledge sharing within walking distance.

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Agro Food Park is located in Skejby in the northern part of Aarhus, which, together with Aarhus C, are the most attractive business areas in Aarhus.

Several leading companies and educational institutions are located in Skejby and Agro Food Park. Agro Food Park is close to both the tram, a safe bike path and the motorway E45.

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