Guidelines in relation to Coronavirus

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Precautionary measure to prevent the spreading of corona virus in Agro Food Park

To continuously prevent the spread of corona virus once Denmark – and Agro Food Park – gradually reopens, we hereby give you an overview of the measures we will be imposing in Agro Food Park as well as instructions that we ask you to adhere to.

We encourage everyone with symptoms of sickness or who feels under the weather or who has a cold to stay at home. Do not come to work if you are sick or at risk of passing it on to others – even if you feel fresh enough to work. The corona virus pandemic has taught us all, that most of our work can be conducted from home by using some of the digital tools available, and we encourage you to take responsibility and continue using these when necessary, so we do not spread the virus again.

Hand hygiene:   
Make sure to continue the good habits of hand hygiene that the corona virus pandemic has taught us. Wash your hands regularly using water and soap. We have put out hand disinfection gel by all the coffee machines, the receptions and the meeting rooms. If one of the dispensers should run out without us noticing, please let us know at reception@agrofoodpark.dk.

We incourage you to follow the directions for proper handwash on the walls of all the bathrooms. If in doubt as to how long 20 seconds is, we can inform that is approx. the amount of time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” twice – whether out loud or inside your head is up to you.

We encourage you to divide yourselves into smaller groups internally in your company or department, so the canteens do not get too crowded when they open at 11.30, like it is often the case. We urge you to divide your visits to the canteen across the entire opening period, which will temporary be extended from 11.30-13.30 in no.15. The canteen in no. 13 is closed.

As always, it is also possible to pick up food and eat it elsewhere. Please just remember to bring back plates and cutlery to the canteen on the same day.

Completely in line with the recommendations from the Danish authorities, the food on the buffets will be portioned and the selection as we know it will be limited for a period of time. Remember to disinfect your hands before starting on the buffet. We will of course continuously follow the authorities’ recommendations in relation the canteen and corona virus.

Coffee machines and refill of water bottles: 
The coffee machines will still be cleaned on a daily basis. Remember to disinfect your hands before touching the coffee machine or the buttons. It is very unhygienic to fill your water bottle from the cold water tap on the coffee machine, as it is difficult to avoid the bottle from touching the tap or the machine. The same applies to the cold water tap in the canteens and the taps in the bathrooms. Please drink water from a cup or use a cup to refill your water bottle to limit the risk of infection.

All surfaces on common areas that we frequently touch (coffee machines, drawers, cupboards, door handles, buttons etc.) will be cleaned on a daily basis. 

Canteen, meeting rooms, labs, showers and the remaining parts of the common areas will be cleaned after the usual frequency.

If you see an area, which has been missed, or if one of the hand sanitizer dispensers have run out, please contact us: reception@agrofoodpark.dk

Only use the sanitation products on items that you or others regularly touch, including steel door handles, but make sure the sanitation tissues or gel etc. do not touch the actual painted surfaces. Some furniture may also be damaged by the alcohol. 

The meeting rooms have been rearranged so it is possible to maintain a 2 meter distance to others as per recommendations from the authorities. 
We also encourage you to continue using the digital meeting tools that we have all learned to master the latest weeks. Remember that we are surrounded by lovely nature, especially now that spring is on its way. Maybe some of the meetings can be changed to walks in the fresh air?

Besides the above guidelines and good advice, we encourage you to always follow the directions published by the authorities.

For questions in relation to the above, please contact reception@agrofoodpark.dk.