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Michelle Williams

10.00 - Key research areas at the Department of Food Science at Aarhus University

Presented by: Head of Department of Food Science, Michelle Williams, Aarhus University.


10.40 - Pathway to carbon neutral and climate resilient agriculture in Denmark

Presented by: Professor and Head of Department of Agroecology Jørgen E. Olesen, Aarhus University

In this talk, Jørgen E. Olesen will explain the path to carbon neutral agriculture in Denmark, which involves changes in land use and land management, as well as changes in livestock and fertilizer management. Many new technologies need to be implemented based on circular approaches where the use of nutrients and carbon is maximized and emissions minimized.


12.00 - A new form of barcode can significantly reduce food waste from supermarkets

Presented by: Head of Standards, Sustainability & Partnerships Mads Kibsgaard, GS1.

Foto Merete.Juni2023

12.40 - Future sustainable diets – how do they look?

Presented by: Director of Dairy Nutrition, Merete Myrup, Danish Dairy Board/Danish Agriculture & Food Council.

It is important to consider sustainability in everything we do, including when we compose our diet. But our future diet must not only have a low climate impact, it should also be healthy, available and affordable.

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13.20 - CO2 reduction in the customer's shopping cart - what actions do we take at Salling Group?

Presented by: Group Vice President Communication, CSR & Public Affairs, Henrik Vinther Olesen, Salling Group

Erik Møller Madsen

14.00 - Possibly the worlds most sustainable raw material + How AAK create value from sidestreams

Presented by: Sales Manager Nordics & Baltics, Erik Møller Madsen, AAK.

For more than 60 years, AAK has been sourcing shea kernels in West Africa, buying through intermediaries and directly from approximately 350,000 women with whom AAK has signed individual contracts. The shea kernels are pressed into shea oil in Aarhus, Denmark. The oil is used to replace or improve cocoa butter and is used in cosmetics. The production process produces 190,000 tons of side fractions, which AAK has worked hard to upcycle. Previously, side fractions were a problem. By focusing on selling the side products, AAK has succeeded in increasing the demand for and value of the side products, and today they are a significant part of the business. When customers buy side fractions from AAK, they first save generational raw materials and thereby CO2.

Read more about AAK's work with shea seeds

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14.40 - At Grundfos, sustainability is at the core of everything we do

Presented by: Michael Skovgaard, Sen. Director at Grundfos Industry working with sustainability and water treatment. 

Grundfos is a global water solutions company offering intelligent pump systems, energy and water treatment solutions.

Sustainability is in everything we do. Learn how Grundfos drives and supports sustainability in the industry and get inspired by what our customers are doing and requiring from our solutions and services.

Get insights from how Grundfos experience the changes occurring from the increased focus on sustainability in both our home market and internationally.

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