The Danish Dairy Board

The Danish Dairy Board is the Danish dairy industry’s trade association.

The Danish Dairy Board is a knowledge-based organization, and professional expertise is the organization’s most important resource for creating development in the industry, advising the members and fulfilling a mission to create optimal development potential for the Danish dairy industry. 

Main tasks and areas of responsibility

  • Safeguarding of commercial and political interests in relation to the European Union and other international associations and organisations.
  • Co-operation with national and international authorities and organisations.
  • Exercise of direct negotiation and consultation rights towards public authorities.
  • Communication and image-building activities.
  • Joint sales promotion for milk and dairy products, including school milk and nutrition.
  • Product legislation, environment and quality.
  • Co-ordination of dairy industry research and development.
  • Administration of the Milk Levy Fund and the Dairy Rationalisation Fund.
  • Preparation of industry statistics.
  • Administration of trade marks
  • Financial administration

Many of the above tasks are solved through a close cooperation with dedicated dairy specialist employed by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, the main part of which are located in no. 13 Agro Food Park in Skejby, Aarhus, a few in Axelborg, Copenhagen and 4 at the Danish Dairy Board’s office in Brussels.


Jørgen Hald Christensen
+45 87 31 20 00


Agro Food Park 13