Grainit is an agtech company that offers intelligent farm storage management.

The vision behind Grainit is to make farm storage easier and to integrate into existing agriculture solutions. Down that road, Biogas plants have become a high priority as well.

The modern farmer must keep track of harvest, purchase, relocations, sales and consumption of crops, feed, minerals, fertilizers, animals and the like. Today Grainit is an important part of many farmers daily live.

Grainit provides a complete overview of inventory, ensures stable and controlled logistics so that the farmer can make accurate analyses of his stocks and strengthen his bottom line.

The farm storage management system itself is a cloud-based database, which means no complicated installation. The management system is used via an easy and user-friendly App and online web portal, customized to the farmer’s individual needs. Grainit provides a complete real-time overview of the entire supply chain and replaces manual operation processes.

Integration is an important part of Grainit, and therefore Grainit also collects, analyses, and shares data with e.g. weighbridges, feeding systems, suppliers, Stackview, Siloview and the like.

Grainit is founded by Ivan Baadsgaard, who has many years of experience in agtech, big data within agriculture and data-rich solutions for the agriculture downstream sectors.


Ivan Baadsgaard
+45 70 20 31 59


Agro Food Park 13