Arla Innovation Centre

Arla’s new innovation centre, which opened on February 1st, 2017 is situated in a cluster of food industry companies and research centres in the European Culture Capitol of 2017, Aarhus, Denmark, which has set out to become the ‘Silicon Valley’ of food development and innovation.

By securing a location in the midst of one of the world’s strongest and most ambitious food clusters, Arla will gain much better opportunities to strike new partnerships and alliances, and we are confident that our new global innovation centre will accelerate and drive the environment and become the beacon that will attract even more international companies and research institutes. It will be a huge asset for us and the entire Danish food cluster.

Arla’s innovation model has a strong competitive edge compared to other international food companies, because Arla is a cooperative owned by 12,000 dairy farmers in seven European countries, which means the company can control the entire value chain and apply its innovation approach from farm to fork.

Farming and processing are combined every step of the way. All our products contain as few and as natural ingredients as possible and our systematic approach to health is an integral part of our collaborations with universities and in our product innovation. Everyone is focused on, how we can help people live healthier lives and give as many people as possible access to natural, nourishing dairy products.


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Agro Food Park 19

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