Drop-in meeting about the plant-based industry, Naturli' Foods and Do Not! Call me M_lk

On 6th April from 15.00-16.00 CEO Henrik Lund from Naturli´ Foods A/S visited Agro Food Park. He made a presentation about the plant industry, the development in Naturli’ Food A/S, including their latest drink” Do Not! call me M_ilk”, and participants got a taste.

Frederik Madsen from Plantebranchen was also present, so talk about his organisation. Plantebranchen is Denmark’s representative for companies that import, produce and/or market plant-based foods. The union is independent in relation to all other interests and has a very clear profile exclusively to take care of business interests of the green food producers.

It was an exciting afternoon, with some exciting presentations.

See the pictures underneath.

Written by Mathias Bruun April 11th 2022 at 11.00