Nordisk Tang ApS

Nordisk Tang (Nordic Seaweed) is a significant player within Seaweed in Scandinavia. At Nordisk Tang we have pioneered the market for gourmet food products with seaweed as a key ingredient. Our philosophy and dedicated aim is to put seaweed back on the table in Scandinavia and Europe. We do this through disruption, which means that we take an existing product and alter/improve it by adding seaweed. Not only to create great taste, but also to explore and exploit the health benefits of seaweed. Our products can be described as “gourmet products with a strong focus on health”.

Nordisk tang er en familiedrevet virksomhed beliggende i Grenå. Vi er en pionervirksomhed i arbejdet med at få tang ind som en naturlig del af vores mad. 

Siden 2015 har vi udviklet og produceret hverdagsprodukter med tang og arbejdet med at implementere tang i fødevareindustriens produkter.  


Kristian S. Ottesen 
+45 33603603


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