Kolding Herreds Landbrugsforening

Kolding Herreds Landbrugsforening, KHL is an organization that advises farmers in pigs, poultry, mink, environment, plants, economic and more.

We work for quality of life and economy in being a farmer and solve tasks with a focus on the overall achivement and financial gain. Furthermore, we provide financial advice to smaller companies such as hairdressers, IT companies, carpenters etc.

Poultry office at Agro Food Park
The competent and experienced poultry consultants Palle Vinstrup and Marlene Andersen can often be found in the office at Agro Food Park. They both have a great deal of industry knowledge and based on your production as a broiler, conventional or organic producer, we offer specialized advice focusing in daily operations and future growth.  

In connection with environmental and grant applications, supervision or reassessments, we screen your property. It gives you an overview of the property’s options, focus on grant options and the solutions that provide the best economy for the company.

If you need to create an overview of the economy, prepare budgets or strategy. Our operating economies and tax consultants can also help you.

Consultant Palle Vinstrup  
+45 40 28 55 45 

Technical designer Marlene Andersen
+45 61 35 48 44 


Agro Food Park 15