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IsoFirms presents IsoFirms Isosteviol
IsoFirms presents IsoFirms Isosteviol which is an innovative patent-pending ingredient for food products such as sport products, health products and we are also applying for Isosteviol to be a feed additive ingredient for the feed business to use especially for enhancing growth.

IsoFirms Isosteviol works by enhancing the amount of energy that can be transported into the muscle cells, resulting in higher muscle growth. The energy is taken from the free glucose in bloodstream after a meal or as a breakdown of the bodyfat.
Simply said, IsoFirms Isosteviol turns fat into muscles!

IsoFirms is the manufacturer and distributor for the food industry. We are based on a broad scientific platform and with a solid regulatory knowledge which makes us able to deliver creativity and innovation to market with a safe and useful profile for the producers of ex. Sports products etc.

The environmental profile for IsoFirms Isosteviol is green and we are constantly looking for ways to improve this together with our cooperation partners within the feed industry.
We are much looking forward to contributing with a new innovative sport and health ingredient to the market within sport- and health nutrition.

We are pleased to be among creative companies in an innovative and business minded food cluster as well as looking forward to contributing with our knowhow where possible.


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