InnovaConsult researches and describes the taste of foods and uses this as a professional tool for product development, quality assurance and marketing. In order to “dive into the flavour”, scientific information about the flavours contained in the food and a ton of small reference bottles are used before the sensory test. The assignments range from taste assessment of old Danish apple varieties, gourmet cheeses, sweets, meat, fruit, vegetables, honey, mead and wine to product optimization tasks, as well as general communication of taste theory and practice in form of courses, books and lectures.

Lisbeth Ankersen is a chemist, super-flavoured and professional flavoured geek. Lisbeth established InnovaConsult in 2010 and has since helped companies such as Ferrero, Arla (Unika), Stauning Whisky, Danish Agriculture & Food Council, the Danish, Irish and Nordic Dairy Association and Danish Supermarket with courses, product development and differentiation using the taste.


Lisbeth Ankersen
+45 25 53 33 39


Agro Food Park 13