Halal Quality Control 

Halal Quality Control, also known as HQC, is a global Halal certification body headquartered in The Netherlands with 6 branch offices across Europe.

It has been active ever since in the field og specialized certification: claiming Halal, wich is permissible to be consumed or used by any Muslim, but also everyone else.

The specialization goes into monitoring, auditing, documenting, aned eventually certifying all kinds of industries wishing to claim its produtcs as Halal approved.

HQC has been appointed by varios governments and institutes all over the world and has a global clintele. This leads to clients to be assured that their certifies sites can trade products in over 56 contries requesting Halal Certification.

For more information or interest, please visit www.halaloffice.com. You may also send your inquiry by e-mail to denmark@halaloffice.com.

As of 2018, HQC has opened its doors in Denmark to become closer with its clients.


Lillian Dakkak
+45 28 30 96 06


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