dol-sensors is a recognized and preferred brand that develops, produces and markets sensors for measuring feed, climate and production parameters. Our products are primarily used for automated tasks within the agriculture and feed industries. Over the past 40 years, we have developed a wide range of sensors together with leading companies in this field. 

Our sensors are developed and manufactured at in-house facilities in Denmark, which allows for effective processes and a quick and flexible turnaround. We also provide customers with tailor-made solutions.  We put great emphasis on testing our products throughout the development process, which ensures robust and reliable products with an extremely low failure rate.  Overall, through innovation, we provide intelligent sensor solutions that contribute to a global efficient and sustainable food production.

At the core of what sets us apart, is the company's leadership, team and work ethic. With everything we do, we keep our customers’ needs in mind.

For more information on dol-sensors visit our website at www.dol-sensors.com


Kartheeban Nagenthiraja
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